Terms & Conditions

    1. Booking

    1.1 Bookings can be made online at aphcampervanhire.com.

    1.2 Confirmed bookings will be issued a booking reference.

    1.3 Bookings will be confirmed when the hire charges are paid in full

    1. Collection and return of campervan vehicles

    2.1 Campervan collection time is between 13:00 and 17:00 at the APH Park and Ride car park at Bradnor Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester M22 4TE

    2.2 Upon collection, please allow at least 30 minutes for vehicle demonstration and equipment check.

    2.3 Campervan return time is between 09:00 and 12:00 at the APH Park and Ride car park, Bradnor Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester M22 4TE

    2.4 Upon return, a surcharge of £100.00 applies if the wastewater storage tank has not been emptied.

    2.5 Upon return, unless the refuelling package has been pre-purchased, a refuelling charge of £175 applies if the fuel gauge is showing less than or equal to half full or £90 if showing more than half full but not full  

    2.6 If a campervan is returned late, a surcharge of £250.00 applies for each additional day or part of a day. You must advise us as soon as you know you will return the vehicle late.

    1. Driver eligibility

    3.1 All drivers must be over the age of 25 and below the age of 70 and have held a current valid full UK driving licence for more than 2 years

    3.2 All drivers must have no more than six points on their driving licence and must have not had more than one accident in the previous three years.

    3.2.1 Irrespective of the number of points displayed, drivers with any of the following offence codes (BA, DD, DR, DG, TT, UT, MR) on their licence are ineligible to hire a campervan.

    3.3 All drivers must provide the following forms of identity:

    3.3.1 A valid UK photo driving licence

    3.3.2 Two forms of evidence of their UK home address for example a household utility bill or HMRC tax notice or bank statement

    3.4 Additional driver information should be added at the time of booking or at the time of vehicle collection

    3.5 For insurance purposes only, APH will also take photographs of all drivers at the time of vehicle collection.

    1. Rental restrictions

    4.1 Campervan must not be taken off-road (other than onto a recognised campsite or car park) nor outside of the UK

    4.2 Campervans must not be driven in an unsafe or dangerous manner.

    4.3 Towing of other vehicles or trailers is not permitted.

    4.4 Campervans must not be driven into flood water or put into contact with salt water.

    4.5 Campervan must not be used to carry passengers for hire and reward.

    4.6 Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the campervan.

    4.7 Campervans must not be used for any illegal purpose, including but not limited to racing.

    4.8 Hirer must keep the keys to the Campervan safe at all times and never left unattended in the vehicle

    4.9 APH reserve the right to restrict vehicle rental in certain locations due to adverse weather conditions.

    4.10 APH reserves the right to substitute the vehicle you booked with an alternative vehicle, without giving notice.

    1. Pets

    5.1 Pets are permitted only in campervans that allow pets.

    5.2 Any damages caused by a pet will be subject to additional charges.

    5.3 The hire cost of the campervans with pets permitted includes an additional cleaning charge of £100 per hire period

    1. Charges & payments

    6.1 A security deposit of £1000.00 is payable upon collection of the vehicle and will be refunded on the return of the vehicle after a full inspection.

    6.2 Payments must be made by card.

    6.3 The customer is liable for all charges incurred on the road including but not limited to congestion charges, toll charges, driving offences, parking penalty notices and any costs from being clamped, seized or towed. In addition, the customer will be liable for reasonable administrative costs in dealing with such charges

    6.4 APH will hold customer card details on file for the duration of the vehicle rental and for 3 months after to be able to charge for such

    6.5 Administrative charge will be calculated based on the time taken by APH to satisfactorily resolve any outstanding matters.  

    1. Insurance

     7.1 The campervan is insured for all permitted use

    7.2 The excess payable by the hirer in the event of any damage is £1000

    7.3 The company reserves the right to pursue the hirer for full costs if it can be proven that the campervan was used in any wilful or negligent manner. 

    1. Accidents and breakdowns

     8.1 In the event of a breakdown, all Volkswagen campervan vehicles are covered by VW Assist Call:

    8.2 In the event of an accident or damage, the customer must inform APH within 24 hours.

    8.3 It is the driver’s responsibility to report accidents to the police when appropriate and to collect contact details of all parties involved and witnesses and to complete an accident report form which is included in the handover documents 

    1. Cleaning

    9.1 The campervan must be returned in a reasonable state of cleanliness on the exterior. A £50.00 charge will be incurred if additional exterior cleaning is required.

    9.2 The campervan must be returned clean on the inside. A £100.00 charge will be incurred if additional interior cleaning is required.

    9.2 All waste, including the waste water tank, must be emptied before the vehicle is returned.

    1. Cancellation

    10.1 Cancellation of a booking will incur a cancellation fee based on a percentage of the total rental cost, including any extras.

    10.2 Cancellation of a booking within 7 days before the date of collection will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

    10.3 All customers are strongly advised to purchase travel or holiday insurance to cover unforeseen events and cancellations. 

    1. Customer responsibilities

    11.1 You must not allow anyone to work on the vehicle other than VW Assist or as arranged with APH in advance (for example tyre replacement or repair)

    11.2 You must not sell, rent, or dispose of the vehicle.

    11.3 All vehicles and accessories must be returned in the same condition in which they were collected.

    11.4 You must consent to the vehicle being fitted with a tracking device which must be in left operation at all times.

    11.5 You must consent to the vehicle being fitted with telematics/dashcam which must be operational whenever the vehicle is in motion

    11.6 You must leave the vehicle locked at all times when unattended And keep the keys securely in your possession at all times

    11.7 You must only allow those drivers advised to APH to be in control of the vehicle

    11.8 You must take reasonable care to ensure the vehicle is protected from damage and adverse weather (for example the awning and pop-up roof must be sheltered from windy conditions to avoid damage)

    11.9 You must ensure only the correct fuel is used

    11.10 You must take note and act upon any dashboard warnings which may appear during your hire period

    11.11 You must use the campervan’s features only as directed by the user guide and the handover personnel

    1. Customer parking

    12.1 Each booking may park 1 x private vehicle in the APH Manchester car park for the duration of the campervan rental.

    1. Vehicle title

    13.1 APH retains the title to the vehicle at all times.